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IIDA Summit is introduced this year by The Architect’s Diary marking the milestone of completing half a decade as Trusted Digital Media. The Summit will address engaging discussions around important yet overlooked topics in Architecture which will encourage more architectural and planning firms, materials and equipment manufacturers, students and academicians and the Design Community to think and act towards better Architectural Ecosystem.  


2023 THEME : 

Architecture for the community is a powerful concept that goes beyond designing buildings. It revolves around creating spaces that inspire, engage, and strengthen the social fabric of neighborhoods and cities. Community-centric architecture prioritizes the needs, aspirations, and identities of the people it serves. It fosters inclusivity, encourages social interaction, and promotes a sense of belonging. It creates environments that empower communities to thrive, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in the places they call home. Ultimately, this zest becomes a catalyst for positive social change, leaving a lasting legacy that enriches the lives of generations to come.


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