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IIDA Summit is introduced this year by The Architect’s Diary marking the milestone of completing half a decade as Trusted Digital Media. The Summit will address engaging discussions around important yet overlooked topics in Architecture which will encourage more architectural and planning firms, materials and equipment manufacturers, students and academicians and the Design Community to think and act towards better Architectural Ecosystem.  


2022 THEME : 

With the advancement towards the 5th Industrial Revolution everything out there is digitized and tech freaked, technology is advancing fleetly and it has touched almost all the sectors which we cross on our daily basis. Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are the new decision-makers in our day-to-day life. The fact that not only the advancement has stopped here it has now entered into the imposing world of Augmented and Virtual Reality and has opened up new dimensions in the world of design.


Technology, now, aids the entire spectrum of the Design Process. Initiating from Conceptualisation to Execution and beyond, Technology plays a vital role in making a seamless transition between what is thought and what is executed.


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